Running the Race

7 01 2013

Let me ask you a question: Do you actually understand the concept of freedom? The word freedom is thrown around a lot but the concept is never explained. Christ has said that we are free and we are free indeed but free from what or free to do what? Recently I’ve been blessed with knowing freedom and being able to teach the concept so that others might know it more.

Living in America many of us have never considered what it is like to feel the heavy hand oppression. We do not know first hand the tyranny of a king. We haven’t felt the onslaught of a one sided economic market. We haven’t been grimaced with poor living standards and inadequate medical care. So being “free” feels no different than being enslaved. So how does the concept of freedom work?

Freedom is found not only spiritually, but also economically, politically, and financially. The best way I can describe freedom is that you are no longer bound by chains that hold you back. In the Spirit world it is your sin that binds you. In the economic world it is the tax that government bring, in the political world it is the political red tape that doesn’t allow to advance technologies or better lifestyles and financially it i our own discipline that withholds us from obtaining freedom. Freedom is like running a race, the end is not a finish line but rather a goal. You desire to achieve that goal and running the race will get you there. However, there are strings attached to you holding you back from actually completing the task at hand! Have you ever wondered why video games who’s main mission is to level up and acquire weapons and wealth are the most sought after games? It is because the very idea of attaining goals and building a legacy is naturally wrought inside of us! We were meant to build legacies and in a video game there are no restraints. The only way you are limited is by your own devotion to acquiring the titles.

The real world works the same way it is just much harder. So freedom is cutting the chords that hold you back from obtaining your rewards. Once those chords are cut you can run as free as you want without any resistance. Run the race if you have been freed from chords which hold you back. Now, to bring it full circle… The only aspect in life where the chords can be cut with no work is the spiritual life. Christ has cut the chords of your Spiritual life and now you run free Spiritually towards the goal which is not death but everlasting rewards! I also noticed one more thing. Since one your areas has been cut and you are now free. You can use that Spiritual man to cut the chords that hold you back in other areas. When the concept of freedom is realized it is only natural to work harder because we see that our labor means something. It is to my experience that when people see the benefit of being free they become harder workers not more lazy.


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