Europe’s Financial Meltdown Is Coming To America

11 01 2013

Saw this from American Glob, take a second and read it

American Glob

You can argue with politics but you can’t argue with math. The United States is spending more money than it has and eventually, the bill will come due. Anyone who disputes this fact need look no further than the shores of Greece or Spain to see where this road eventually leads.

Zero Hedge provides this informative and disquieting list of 20 things Americans should know about what’s happening to the economy of Europe with a warning – don’t think it can’t happen here.

The United States has the biggest debt burden of all, and eventually what is happening over in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Greece is going to happen over here as well.

The following are 20 facts about the collapse of Europe that everyone should know…

#1 10 Months: Manufacturing activity in both France and Germany has contracted for 10 months in a row.

#2 11.8 Percent:

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The real intent of Gun Control

9 01 2013



Why is gun control really in the news? Is it because of local shootings? Is it logical to ditch guns because bad guys use them? I think if we look at this economically and politically we will see what is going on with the gun control debate. 

Before we delve deep into the context I speak of we have to understand the real purpose of the founding fathers putting guns into the constitution. Remember, they came from a land where tyranny reigned. Soldiers could do anything they wanted and they can take whatever they wanted so when the founders created the nation they built it around one basic philosophy: the difference between a right and a privilege. 

After they discussed the difference in terms they came to a conclusion that people needed the right to protect themselves against tyrants who looted their hard work. It is not lawful for government to steal so the people had the accord to protect themselves from government. 


Fast forward to today, we hardly see the need for gun control because the government doesn’t knock on your door to take money anymore. So we reasoned that the use of guns were there for open season hunting and gaming. However, government never forgot the purpose of gun freedoms. They also knew their purpose which was to keep government officials in check. 

Today we stand on the brink of tyranny, the last four presidents paid little to no regard for the constitution which is a document that is meant to state the obvious not to govern or direct freedoms in some way. The people and government both know there will be major changes in our society. 

1) Because the ideals of American society are changing toward socialism and 

2) The dollar is decreasing at a rapid rate

There may be a transition of government authority as we saw with the EU and the government intent is to render the people defenseless to make the transition easier. Of course, with all the socializing happening in school people believe it is okay for govt to take over. The only ones who will fight are those who know their history. 

The intent of gun control is not to make a safer society its to make an unarmed society.  

Bully gets what’s coming to him

8 01 2013$yqSRuh:WG-4kINk/

The satisfaction is immense! Bully gets what is coming to him

8 01 2013

This is a very satisfying stumbleupon video. Truth be told I love videos of redemption this is just one of those video’s$yqSRuh:WG-4kINk/

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