The Science Delusion

5 01 2013

In many ways science has helped us breakthrough the darkness of ignorance. We have used science in many ways to help the sick, to raise technological advances, to ponder and to enlighten. In this brief (very brief post) I will talk about how mixing world view with science leads to a false science backed by a little bit of truth.

The only thing harder than rejecting a false ideology is rejecting a false ideology that has hints of truths mixed in. It is the hints of truth that draw individuals towards the philosophy. Whether we like it or not we can never have a fully unbiased classroom. Either you are teaching people to hold to a world view of God or you are teaching people to hold a world view of naturalism. Naturalism is just as much a philosophical world view as believing in deities. So the delusion in science is that the only things that matter are the physical things we can see and touch.

After all, isn’t that what science is all about? Observing physical evidences and how they react with the world around it? The silent philosophy that is taught is that nothing else exists outside of what science can observe. This world view has permeated itself around America and the world. As if to say, science has become the almighty creator and everything else that doesn’t follow what my science teacher says is obviously not true.

So we take a look at something like evolution. I will make the claim now and argue it for the rest of my life that the “theory” of evolution is no more a theory than it is a grand hypothesis. The reason being, they have a little bit of truth which is that life changes over the course of time but they never really observe the claims that they are making about life mainly, having evidence that once species created another. We also have not seen evolution take place and because we have observed some minute changes in creatures, the scientist will take it one step farther and bring in the idea that everything came from the same place. All that is needed is time for it to change and evolve into something that is not what it started with.

I call this a grand hypothesis because it doesn’t meet the scientific definitions of a theory. A theory, is something that has been tested time and time again and has not failed. It has been observed and can even be manipulated. But here is the loophole that scientists slip through in order to keep evolution alive. They point to the small truth and then claim the larger hypothesis is correct because of minor managed evolution. A bird changes beak size so that it can eat so therefore all life evolved from a rock or crystal or primordial goo? Here is the problem, if you want to convince someone of evolution then why not take bacteria which changes generations every 15 minutes and see if it doesn’t evolve into something that is not bacteria? Wouldn’t this prove that species evolve from one species to the next?

Fortunately, tests like this have already been done! But when it produces a result that doesn’t congeal to the prevailing worldview it is discarded. We are then taught in the science classroom that science in America is unbiased and looks for truth wherever it is found. See, a few scientists have already tested the theory of evolution. They took a batch of bacteria and repeatedly forced it to change generation quickly. The bacteria went through 100,000 generations until they reached a conclusion. The bacteria didn’t increase in complexity. In fact, the bacteria broke down and became weaker. The generations didn’t live as long and they eventually fizzled out. they came to a conclusion (which should be obvious) that you can only pull from a gene pool not add to it. When the next generation produces itself it pulls only from the previous generations attributes. There aren’t any new genes available to make it more complex. The gene pool depleting is only one of the observances made by the scientists. They also realized that the genes themselves hit a genetic barrier code. This barrier hindered the genes from becoming more complex. It is the same barrier that doesn’t allow for the animals to cross mate with other species not of its kind. I think this is good evidence against the case of the grand hypothesis. If the genes were able to make new genes why wouldn’t they be able to cross breed species? The genes themselves should have crossed the line at some point in history right? Which means they can cross species through sexual activity. But observation tells us a different story.

The great delusion in science is that one man’s world view (whether it be Charles Darwin or Richard Dawkins) is the correct world view because my scientist said so. Just think about it, when was the last time you did a science experiment or have watched evolution take place? The common answer is to say, well it just needs time. But this can’t be a substitute for experimentation. “It just needs time” is a claim. I can claim rocks grow arms and legs after a million years but this shouldn’t become a hypothesis simply because some rocks have nubs on them.

When we end up looking at evolution objectively, science paints a different picture than what is taught in the classroom about this topic. I’m not a against science. I’m against bias science. I’m not against teachers or students or scientific experimentation I am against worldviews being forced on people without the people’s knowledge.

Once a person believes in evolution they are given a world view. The world view is that we are animals. Having the presupposition that we are animals leads a person to realize that morals have no ground. It would be good to follow morals but they have no ground. It also leads them to believe the world is chaotic and random in its processes. Nothing is predictable and we should ride the wave. If you are a leader this world view is great because you can trap the people in any net you want and claim that it is random chance and there is nothing wrong with it because morals are not absolute. In extreme cases of this ideology it has led to genocide. Adolf Hitler started the genocide by saying we should get rid of all people who have defective genes. That is all physically and mentally handicap so that natural selection can run its course.

Make sure you know what you believe because a person who stands for nothing can fall for anything.


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